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Fully automatic with an intuitive interface
Covers many programming languages
Provides several options and parameters
Attractive and highly optimized html output
Automatic screenshots and database reporting
Automatic changes analysis and multi-reporting
Minimum user effort and real-time processing
Special character sets (arabic, chinese, hebrew,
  japanese, korean, etc ...)
HTML FlowChart for each routine (example)
Translation of comments (Google engine)  NEW!!!

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People involved with programming activities know maintaining (large/complex) codes is tedious. Programs that you have written yourself are difficult enough to understand when you come back to them  later. Things are more difficult when the program have been written by someone else or a big team, and has been modified and added so many times that the existing documentation no longer accurately reflects the program code and structure. This is a nightmare awaiting those involved with program maintenance, comprehension, audit, or analysis. Therefore, tools that automate the process of code analysis and documentation clearly help to overcome this problem painlessly.
UNIVERSAL REPORT is a high quality code analysis and documentation software. Its goal is to analyse and generate a structured and well formatted documentation of a given program. Universal Report can handle various programming languages (Basic, C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, Java, Javascript, Matlab, Pascal, Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, Kylix, Perl,  PL1, Python, Visual C++, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C#, Visual J++, and more), and generates html, latex, and plain text documentations using state-of-the-art pattern matching algorithms and compilation techniques. The tool is parameterizable both in the behavior point of view and the quality/layout of the outputs.  [Features]

The intuitive interface makes Universal Report the perfect tool for both new and experienced users, with an exceptional flexibility provided by its wide range of options and parameters. The attractive and optimized output saves time and money by increasing technical staff productivity and communication.
Some companies who considered Universal Report SL CLEARY, Consulting Engineer (USA) -  Whitford Designs (Australia) -  Fundaçao Faculdade de Medicina (Brazil) -  GE India Technology Centre (India) -  Magnetar Games Corporation (Canada) -  NASA Glenn Research Center (USA) -  Northrop Grumman Corporation (USA) -  Satlantic Incorporated (Canada) -  Beijing Institue of Technology (China) -  Expedion (France) -  EQUITANIA KG (Germany) -  Software Spectrum GmbH (Germany) -  Fa Trost GmbH (Germany) -  Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany) -  WiSoft Kft. (Hungary) -  vsmsoftware (India) -  NEW DELHI TELEVISION LTD (India) -  Initia (Israel) -  EL-OP Electro-Optics (Israel) -  Program Deliberation & Mediation Committee (Korea, South) -  PAEET (Kuwait) -  M2M SYSTEMES BANCAIRES (Morocco) -  NIAS (Netherlands) -  Tesson-Renucci (Saudi Arabia) -  Transitlink Pte Ltd. (Singapore) -  KTH Dept. of Solid Mechanics (Sweden) -  Seven-Air Gebr. Meyer AG (Switzerland) -  eDocuMAN FZ LLC (United Arab Emirates) -  A&A Teledata Services (USA) -  Approval Systems (USA) -  Chamberlin & Associates, Inc. (USA) -  DoubleClick Inc (USA) -  Fortunet inc (USA) -  Harris Corporation, GCSD (USA) -  InfoSys (USA) -  Quest Diagnostics (USA) -  SbcGlobal (USA) -  Southwest Research Institute (USA) -  Transportation Officer US Army (USA) -  Virginia Tech (USA) -  Woodworker's Supply, Inc. (USA) -  Elsewhere HE - UR


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